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With BCPSOne we now have access to great resources at home and at school.  By logging onto BCPSOne and accessing the "digital content" section, students can access almost everything that they access from school in their classrooms.  Parents can also access resources through their own BCPSOne account.  If you're struggling to access your BCPSOne account please contact Mrs. Askine though email (easkine@bcps.org) or by leaving a message with our wonderful office staff.

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Access your math book and activities online!


Social Studies




Use the back button when:

  • the site uses bad words. 
  • the site says mean or hateful things. 
  • the site is gross or boring.
  •  people are not dressed properly. 
  • the site is violent. 
  • Tell an adult if you find these kinds of sites!

http://www.bcplonline.org/kidspage/homework.html – Baltimore County Public Library's Got Homework site offers a list of other websites to help students with homework troubles, completing research, as well as sharpening essential skills



The Chesapeake Bay

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Chesapeake Bay Program

Current Events

Yahooligans News for Kids